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Our Latest Fundraisers

The Goat Campaign: November to the end of January annually

Why goats?

If you would like to give a Sudanese family the best possible gift, give a goat. Or better yet, give more than one goat. Most of the gifts we give can be enjoyed once or maybe a few times, but in Sudan, a goat goes a very long way. Its milk provides essential vitamins and other nutrients that children will not get any other way. And, to top it off, a goat gives a family status it would not otherwise have, a little like a child getting a bicycle, or her parents getting a car (not a luxury one – that would be a cow). So we’re not kidding, we need goats, and you can have the satisfaction of giving a gift that can make an incredible different to someone’s life.

How you can help

Like bicycles, cars, or anything else, we also have goat inflation, so we have raised the price of a goat to $60.

There are lots of ways to give, aside from just making an individual donation. You can, no kidding, flock together, and put your efforts together, with your class or club at school, with your extended family, through your flock at church, at your place of work, through your community club or society, or any other flock you can imagine.

The difference this can make to the children of Sudan can be incredible. In Canada we often feel we already have everything, and a gift at the festive season sometimes just adds to the clutter. So give your loved one a card saying you are giving him or her the gift of a goat, with the satisfaction of knowing that gift can completely change the quality of life for someone in Sudan who urgently needs it. Not only does this gift help children, their parents, and families, but it can make a difference to an entire village. When we receive your donation, we will be happy to send you cards to give to your loved ones.

The goat campaign starts in November, and continues until the end of January, every year. You can make the donation online (go to Donations, to the Donate Now icon), or send us your cheque with your name and address. Please send it to:

Jacob Deng
Wadeng Wings of Hope
P.O. Box 31125
Halifax, NS  B3K 5Y1

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