Knight Story: guide and tips on the game

There are not many games that allow a multi-blockchain interface, leaving the player the possibility to choose their favourite blockchain, but Knight Story is definitely one of them. In this guide we’ll go deeper into its functioning and some useful tips to play it at its best, even if to earn some money we’ll have to invest some euros first.

Knight Story game guide

The first step will be to download the application for smartphone, Android or iOS.

In fact, even if we are talking about a game that exploits several blockchain like Ethereum, Tron and EOS (EOS not yet active) does not allow the use in a decentralized way or via web.

At this point we’ll have to start the application, connect to one of our accounts – we can choose between email, Facebook or Google – and select the blockchain with which to start our story.

The data is separate for each blockchain and not interoperable, so each blockchain will have its own progress, making its strongly centralized nature already evident.

We can link our Crypto Method Review address to the game, which we must do through the site by clicking on the „Start“ button and log in with our wallet, depending on the blockchain.

The interface of the game is very simple because at the beginning we will have only one character who will go on to face the enemies and as we gain experience and evolve our character, we will unlock the other characters.

Unfortunately, however, these other characters cannot be sold; their level is a maximum of 16.

At the top, clockwise, we will find:

  • the boost button that increases the speed by 4 times for 4 minutes,
  • the progress of the level,
  • the game menu,
  • the level of our progress,
  • the beans you need to buy some things in the game,
  • the message box where we will find the daily prize of 2 beans and various items.

Below is the boss and special events section. Finally at the bottom we have the buttons:

  • „Restart“ which is activated when at least 1 character has died;
  • „Craft“ to create the objects for the characters from raw materials;
  • „Equip“ to equip the objects to the characters;
  • „Stage“ to change the current level, in fact each level has its preponderant raw materials.

In the lower part, from left to right we have the store, the PVP (Versus Player) section, the main mode, the village and finally the clan for our guilds.

As said, to be able to sell an object we will have to invest a few euros because we have to buy „MYKI“ tokens and only thanks to these we will be able to sell our objects.

We need 1 euro for every object we would like to sell. Moreover, if we decide to withdraw an object from the sale we will also lose the relative MYKI.

Interesting then the part of the village, where we can build structures starting from raw materials. These will serve to strengthen our characters.

Some of them will be very useful, like the „Phoenix Nest“, which will provide us with eggs for our animals, while the mine will provide the metals needed to build our weapons.

Both will take several hours and we will have to make the claim manually.

In addition, for every 3 structures or equal eggs we will be able to melt the structures to raise their level and get better rewards.

To do this, just check the „Merge“ button, except for the „Phoenix Nest“ which will only evolve thanks to beans.

Another thing to do daily are the PVP battles that we find in the „Defense“ section, thanks to which we will be able to recover 2 chests with rare animals.

Moreover, always in this section we can fight against other players and climb the ranking to get always prestigious prizes like beans and epic animals.

Finally, some practical tips to play Knight Story in an advantageous way:

  • Betting on objects of high rarity;
  • Do not evolve objects of low rarity;
  • Evolve only objects above 90% quality;
  • Invest in beans to evolve the „Nest“ to obtain eggs that are always rare;
  • Keep the rarest raw materials to create more powerful objects as soon as we have all the raw materials;
  • Do the co-operative defence mode every day to get the 2 daily boxes containing 5 rare animals each;
  • Join a clan for further rewards.